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快乐时时彩历史记录 PNEUDRI MX

Compressed air contamination problems can besimply avoided by installing a Parker domnickhunter PNEUDRI MIDIplus High EfficiencyCompressed Air Dryer package fitted with OIL-X EVOLUTION filtration. The packages aresuitable for use with any compressor type and aresuited to point of use applications.
Compressed air purification equipment mustdeliver uncompromising performance and reliabilitywhilst providing the right balance of air quality withthe lowest cost of operation. Many manufacturersoffer products for the filtration and purification ofcontaminated compressed air, which are oftenselected only upon their initial purchase cost, withlittle or no regard for the air quality they provide,the cost of operation throughout their life or indeedtheir environmental impact. When purchasingpurification equipment, delivered air quality, theoverall cost of ownership and the equipment’senvironmental impact must always be considered.
•PNEUDRI dryers provide efficient removalof water vapour from compressed air
•Delivered air quality is in accordance withISO 8573-1:2001, the international standardfor compressed air quality
•Improves production efficiency and reduces
maintenance costs and downtime
•Pressure Dewpoint’s of -70°C & -40°C(ISO 8573-1 :2001 Classes 1 & 2) are available
•   Unlike refrigeration dryers, the -40°C & -70°Cpressure dewpoint’s offered by PNEUDRI notonly eliminates corrosion, it also inhibits the
growth of micro-organisms
•   Ideal for both compressor room and pointof use applications
•   Low noise level<75 db (A)

• Compared to traditional twin tower dryer designs,

PNEUDRI’s unique modular construction and snowstorm

filling of the adsorbent desiccant material provides:

- - Consistent dewpoint performance

- A smaller, more compact and lightweight dryer

- Simple to install and easy to maintain

- Fully corrosion protectedinside and out

- Approvals to International Standards


- Eliminates the need for costly annual pressure vessel inspections

- 10 year guarantee on pressure envelope • Optional Energy Management System available


Dryer Selection

To correctly select a dryer model, the flow rate of the dryer must be adjusted for the minimum operating pressure and, maximum operational temperature of the system. If the dewpoint required is different to the standard dewpoint of the dryer then the flow rate must also be adjusted for the required outlet dewpoint.

1. Obtain the minimum operating pressure, maximum inlet temperature and maximum compressed air flow rate at the inlet of the dryer. Obtain the outlet dewpoint required.

2. Select correction factor for maximum inlet temperature from the CFT Table (always round up e.g. for 37°C use 40°C correction factor) 3. Select correction factor for minimum inlet pressure from the CFP table (always round down e.g. for 5.

3 bar use 5 bar correction factor)

4. Select correction factor for required outlet dewpoint from the CFD table

5. Calculate minimum drying capacity Minimum Drying Capacity = Compressed Air Flow x CFT x CFP x CFD

6. Using the minimum drying capacity, select a dryer model from the flow rate tables above (dryer selected must have a flow rate equal to or greater than the minimum drying capacity) If the minimum drying capacity exceeds the maximum values of the models shown within the tables, please contact Parker domnick hunter for advice regarding larger multi-banked dryers.

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